What Is Multi-Function Spectrometer In Galaxy S11

Rumors said that upcoming Galaxy S11 device has multifunction spectrometer. A spectrometer is an optical hardware capable of performing a number of functions as like from determining the freshness of products to the diagnosis of malignant tumors.,

The Spectrometer

In a blogpost by the LetsGoDigital posted that upcoming smartphone from Samsung Galaxy S11 maybe comes with the optical spectrometer. Although there is no information found from the manufacturer.

In addition, the device can provide comprehensive information on the composition of products, indicating accurate data on the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in them. Among its potential features are other functions, including the detection of malignant tumors and the purity of the surrounding air.

galaxy s11

According to the patent, the spectrometer can be located both on the back of the smartphone and on the front, using the capabilities of a selfie camera. Previously, a similar gadget called Changhong H2 was presented at CES 2017, which then went on sale in China and the United States. Such progress was achieved thanks to the microscopic sensor of the spectrometer, which opens up the possibility of its use in wearable electronics.

Expected Price

The estimated date of the announcement and the price of the new Samsung smartphone model is unknown.

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