Sony ‘Fortnite’ leak all but confirms a flood theme for Chapter 2 Season 3

Fornite’s developers are certainly fans of dropping big ol’ hints about forthcoming updates — remember the helipads that foretold the arrival of Choppas? Now, all the signs point to a completely flooded map in the game’s next major update. As Dextero reports, players have been reporting the appearance of mysterious puddles for the last few weeks. Then at the end of May,

As @FNBRLeaks says, eagle-eyed players might note the similarity between the palm-clad island in the background of this artwork to similar appearing in none other than Spongebob Squarepants. “Imagine a spongebob collab,” the account writes. Imagine indeed, although it appears that the island in the new artwork is actually the same one used in the Block Party Short Desert Island Flare, which was uploaded all the way back during Season 9 of Chapter 1. In any case, it’s pretty clear what’s in store for Chapter Two’s next season. Its arrival has already been delayed twice, so between these not-so-subtle hints and the countdown to the game’s “Doomsday” event on Saturday, June 6th at 2PM ET, there should be enough to keep players hyped.

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