Nether Map for Minecraft PE

Download Nether Map for Minecraft PE: explore the most creepy place in the entire blocky Minecraft universe. Minecraft maps are custom-created worlds that are saved within the Minecraft game. They can be anything from an amazing role-playing adventure that immerses you into an epic story, to a challenging puzzle map that tests your problem-solving abilities.

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Nether Map for MCPE

If you are bored with the calm and measured life of the Minecraft PE blocky world , we suggest you set on a journey to the Hell. The authors of the Nether Maps tried to think through every element as much as possible to make the adventures exciting and memorable. Download Nether Map for Minecraft PE 2022

The Nether Escape

After a long development and survival live in Minecraft PE, the main character goes to the Lower World called the Nether, hoping to visit the infernal fortress and bargain with tricky Piglins. Download Nether Map for Minecraft PE 2022

But suddenly, a huge, unknown monster destroys the portal, and the player finds himself in a dangerous place, with no way out. The Nether Map will give Steve an exciting adventure in which participants will try to get out of this hell.


The modification is suitable for beginners or for users who have not yet tested the new Lower World. Since Minecraft PE users will not be able to get out, they will have to use all their survival skills to face the dangers of hell.

List of things Steve will learn in the Nether Map:

  • How to ride striders;
  • Introduction to Hoglins;
  • How to mine the Netherite;
  • New types of vines;
  • Anchors of Rebirth.

Nether Survival Base

One of the most unique maps for MCPE, because Steve’s home will not be in the ordinary world, but in the Hell. Thanks to the infernal update, the user and his friends can safely live in the Lower World and study this strange place.

This Nether Map has everything for housing: farms, warehouses, and others. But before a Minecraft PE player enters the portal, he has to make sure that he is ready to change the place of residence.

The addon has a lot of places to explore which players will like. It can be used to play together with friends in multiplayer game mode. There is a Hoglins farm and a warehouse in this map.

A watchtower can serve as an observation post. Steve and his friends can settle down there to guard the house. Beautiful architecture matches biomes. An ancient temple looks amazing.

A player can take a walk along the brewing and enchanting areas. The enchantment table, a Charming forest, and other decorations impress every player.

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