HUAWEI has Developed a “Liquid” Lens For Mobile Cameras

In recent years, with almost every flagship, HUAWEI has brought something new to mobile shooting. Another innovation from a Chinese company could be a “liquid” lens that can change shape and has a number of other advantages compared to traditional optics.

The design of the “liquid” lens is described in one of the HUAWEI patents registered in CNIPA, China National Intellectual Property Office. Such optics have many indisputable advantages. One of the main ones is called the ability to change the shape of the lens, which in turn allows you to shoot with different focal lengths. In addition, this system provides faster autofocus and better stabilization and also takes up less space compared to traditional counterparts.

The description of the mechanism says that the design of the module includes an electronic motor responsible for the movement of the lens using springs. In addition to all of the above advantages, such a system is also more resistant to shocks and falls. 

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