How to Type in Foreign Language using Gboard Keyboard App

Regularly, when we utilize the web, we stick to perusing and composing utilizing a language that we are familiar with. By and large, it is English. Likewise, there are numerous different dialects that are upheld by the web program. there are are many other languages that are supported by the internet browser. There is no language boundary that would prevent correspondence on the webspace. Indeed, even Google Keyboard application Gboard isn’t behind in this issue. You can type in any unknown dialect which you don’t have the foggiest idea or comprehend. How to Type in Foreign Language using Gboard Keyboard

Not it is possible to write Foreign language with you Google Keyboard. In this article, I will explain in this tutorial about how to tweak the settings of the Google keyboard app and type in any foreign language. The mechanism behind the trick is nothing but Google Translate.

How to Type in Foreign Language using Gboard Keyboard

For this technique, you just need to follow some steps. You need to download the official Gboard app if you don’t use it yet. The trick I have put up in this guide works for Gboard only.

Download Gboard- Google Keyboard

Please wait while the server prepares the file for download.

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Steps to Type process

  • Open any app that requires typing
  • As you tap on the text field, the Gboard keyboard app will show up
  • Just above the keypad section, you should see the familiar symbol of Google Translate. tap on it.
  • Now you will see the translate section above the keyboard has two language options.
  • The left-hand side language denotes the one you are originally writing. For example, I’m typing in English.
  • The language on the right-hand side of the translate section represents the target language to which the keyboard app will auto-translate.
    As you see in the screenshot above, my target language was french. (English to French)
  • So, when I type Happy Birthday in English, the resulting french translation Joyeux Anniversaire shows up.
  • Now, press on the send button to release the message to the recipient.


This is a very fun process. Along with this, you can communicate with other foreign peoples. You can also use this feature to learn basic spoken phrases in a particular language. Try it out next time you are communicating with someone that doesn’t speak English or your native language.

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