How To Transparent Taskbar In Windows 11

If you want to make your Windows 10 taskbar completely transparent, Then you are in right place in this article ill guide you on How To Transparent Taskbar In Windows 11. you will need to use a third-party program such as Classic Shell or TranslucentTB.

Download Translucent TB

What Is TranslucentTB

Take control of your taskbar! TranslucentTB offers you control over the appearance of your taskbar. You can customize the effect and color of it, and combine states maximized window, Start Menu open. Cortana opens and Timeline open), each one with a customizable taskbar appearance to reach a dynamically changing and visually pleasing taskbar.

For this guide, we chose TranslucentTB as it is a small app whose only purpose is to make the taskbar completely transparent.

How To Transparent Taskbar In Windows 11

  • To get started, simply install the TranslucentTB app from the Microsoft Store and launch it.  
  • Once launched, it will automatically make your taskbar completely transparent.
  • When you couple this with a high-resolution desktop background, you can achieve a beautiful effect where your taskbar icons appear to float on top of the background.
  • Using TranslucentTB you can also configure it to automatically change the transparency effects of the taskbar. As you perform different actions such as opening the Start Menu or use the search field.

For those looking to modify their Windows 11 desktop experience but are not ready for a complete overhaul.  TranslucentTB is a great place to start.

Closing Words

I think this looks pretty nice, especially if backed up by a nice wallpaper that is set to fit on the screen. This is different from the transparency setting that you find under Personalization in the Windows 10 Settings. While you can set Start, taskbar, and Action center to transparent. it won’t make it fully transparent if you enable that option there.

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