How to send a Mugger in GTA Online

GTA Online is still going strong in 2021, with players still enjoying the online world, with more and more content to be added in the future. Some players may be wondering how they can send the Mugger in GTA Online. Well, luckily we have a guide to show you how. How to send a Mugger in GTA Online

GTA as a franchise has a huge following, and GTA V’s online is even more popular and has been constantly updated and supported by the developers for years now.

For those still enjoying the game and wanting to learn how they can set the GTA Online Mugger on other players, whether it’s your friend or just a random nemesis in your online lobby, here’s how to do it.

With the news that GTA V could be sticking around for much longer, as well as the next-gen versions, taking a while to release, GTA Online players should make the most of their time and learn some new tricks.

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The GTA Online Mugger can be called upon to steal up to $10,000 of undeposited cash from another player. This can be extremely comical, especially if done on an unsuspecting friend, so here’s how you can do it.

How to send a Mugger in GTA Online

Here’s a step by step guide on how you can use the GTA Online Mugger:

  1. Open your phone
  2. Go to the contacts page and call Lamar Davis
  3. Select the “Call Mugger” option
  4. Finally, select your mugging target

Remember that it costs $1,000 to send a mugger in GTA Online, and you also must be level 50 to do so. If you’re low on money, check out our guide on how to get money fast.

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Image Credits: Rockstar Games

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