How to record videos and take pictures on Google’s 3D animals

Google’s 3D animals have become a viral trend. But many people have been recording videos and taking pictures with them simply by taking screenshots or screen recordings.  What you might not have realized, though, is that this feature has a built-in option for recording and taking pictures. Here’s how it works.

First things first, let’s talk about how to get Google’s 3D animals working on your device, this functionality only works on smartphones and tablets, not traditional computers. To access them, you’ll need to search for an animal or supported object such as “Tiger,” “Shark,” “Golden Retriever,” or others. Here’s a full list.

How to take pictures and record videos with Google’s 3D animals

After you search for one of these terms on Google Search. A “Knowledge Panel” shows pictures, handy links, and information about the animal. In the middle, there’s a 3D model with a button to “View in 3D. Clicking that opens the 3D animal on an interactive screen.  where you can hear the noises it makes and sees it from all angles. How to record videos and take pictures on Google’s 3D animals

Download Google Camera for All Android Phones

On Android, you’ll first need a supported device. We’ve got a full, continually updated list of every Android phone that supports Google’s 3D animals. If you have one of those devices, follow the steps outlined above to start viewing a 3D animal of your choice in your space.

After you’re viewing a 3D animal in your space, you’ll see a circle at the bottom of the screen. A quick tap on that button will take a snapshot of the 3D animal through your camera with its surroundings.

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