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How to Play GTA 5 on Android smartphones for Free

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So do wanna play GTA 5 on your android smartphone but this game is developed for the android platform although it is not built for any mobile operating system so what to do? So if you ask me is there are any chances to GTA 5 android platform then my answer is yes. But for this process, you need a PC. Using this process you can choose any android smartphone no matter how its specification so let’s jump to the main topic How to Play GTA 5 on Android smartphones for Free?

Before you enter the main process please carefully read all the article

What is GTA 5?

GTA Stand for ” Grand Theft Auto” GTA V when it was released for Play Station 3 (in 2013) caught the attention of a large number of people. As at that time I didn’t have PS3 I was waiting for it to be launched for windows. Rumors were there all the time that it is gonna launch on this date and that but it didn’t happen anytime soon. It was launched for PS3 in 2013 but for windows, it was launched in 2015.

Why GTA 5 Still Best?

  1. First GTA series to offer Multiplayer online.
  2. Awesome Story.
  3. Enough ammount of missions.
  4. Large variety of weapons. (and when I say large means very very large).
  5. Awesome Cars.
  6. You can do anything you can imagine you will do in your real life.
  7. It’s like your second life you wanted to live as a gangsta nigga.
  8. You can play as 3 characters even when you are offline.
  9. Huge (very huge) Map.
  10. Almost real world physics.
  11. You can do side activities with friend in gta online like heist racing deathmatches etc etc.
  12. You can buy houses in gta online put as many cars you want in your different house’s garages.
  13. Lots of way to earn money.


  • An Android Smartphone.
  • Download Remotr App for android.
  • Download Remotr file for windows.
  • A gaming pc at least enough power to run GTA 5.

How to Play GTA 5 on Android smartphones for Free

Look basically The Rockstar game didn’t develop GTA 5 for any android version or not for any other os, so how to play right? for playing this game you must have a pc gaming pc prefer but if you haven’t any gaming pc then it will also run this game but make sure your pc be capable of running GTA 5.

For running GTA 5 you need a minimum

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • From Windows 7 64bit to till now.

How To setup GTA 5 in Mobile?

  1.  Download Remotr software for your pc and install it on your computer after install open the software and create an account through your mail account.
  2.  Just Download remotr app for your android device and login in the mobile app which you just created.
  3.  check remotr app here
  4. Connect the gaming computer with the remotr app.
  5.  Do make sure your phone and your computer connect the same network or home wifi.
  6.  Once you complete all the process you can easily play any game on your mobile device.

How it is performed?

if you just think of yourself if anything does not even exist then how can you run or play that thing. By this method, you can actually play this GTA 5 game by streaming. Remotr helps to run those things available in your pc. It is a remote application you can control your pc through your application. It is easy to understand basically the game is stored on your pc and you just stream this game by your Android mobile phone. like other gaming streaming services like Google’s new project GOOGLE STADIA google made a server and stored high requirement configuration games and you can play those games with high-speed internet. In this case, you made your own server on your own pc and you stream and play thought your high-speed internet and remotr application. One best thing this app won’t lag until your internet speed slow.



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