How to patched Magisk Manager Boot Image

Magisk is undoubtedly the best and reliable source to root any Android phone. There are many methods to root an Android phone using Magisk. One of the methods is the flashing patched boot image. But many users don’t know about the patched boot image and how to get it. Here you will know how to patch a file in Magisk Manager. How to Root Realme X2 Using TWRP Recovery. How to patched Magisk Boot Image.

Why You Need Magisk Patched File?

Magisk patched files are used for rooting any Android phone without breaking the SafetyNet. It also gives you an advantage, which is you can root your phone without any custom recovery.

How to patched Magisk Manager Boot Image


  • you will not receive any OTA update from Realme.
  • It has the risk to brick the device.
  • Payments apps may not work properly sometimes.


  • Take a full backup of your data from your phone
  • Download Magisk & Magisk Manager
  • Download firmware of your phone
  • Install ADB & Fastboot drivers on your computer
  • The bootloader must be unlocked

How to Unlock Bootloader of Realme X2

How to unlock the bootloader of Realme X2 and others Realme Devices

How to Root Realme X2 with Magisk Patched Boot Image

  1. Download Magisk Manager APK on your phone. Samsung users should download the Canary Build.
  2. Transfer the file that you want to patch on your phone.
  3. Install the Magisk Manager on your phone with the APK.
  4. Now open the Magisk Manager App and follow the further instructions.
  5. In Magisk Manager, click on the above Install option and then click again on the Install in the pop-up.
  6. Now choose the ‘Select and Patch a File’ option
  7. Locate the file that you want to patch and wait for the patch completion.
  8. After the successful patch the file will be saved in the download folder with name magisk_patched or similar.
  9. That’s it; you have created the patch file from Magisk Manager.

How to Install Magisk Patched File on Any Android Phone

In most of the phones, patched boot images are used to root. So here i will explain how to install Magisk patched boot image. You should know that installing the patched file requires an unlocked bootloader.

  1. First, install the ADB & Fastboot driver on your computer.
  2. Transfer the magisk_patched file on your computer (In C:\adb folder). Rename it boot.img if it is a boot image and recovery.img if it is a recovery image.
  3. Go to C:\adb location and press Shift + Right-click on an empty area and select ‘Open PowerShell window here’ or ‘Open Command window here.’
  4. Now boot your phone into the Fastboot Mode and connect to your computer.
  5. In Command window enter the below command (if you have boot image)
    • fastboot flash boot boot.img
  6. Enter the below command in the command window (if you have recovery image)
    • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  7. After installing the magisk patched file, reboot your phone into the system.
  8. Open Magisk Manager and follow the in-app instructions.

After patching the boot image or twrp file, you have to install the magisk patched boot image. If you want to install the file


Here is the full tutorial of How to patched Magisk Boot Image, how to install TWRP and How to root Realme X2. If you made any mistake during this process and if you stuck at bootloader then we are not responsible do it by your self.

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