How to Install macOS Monterey Beta Not Install on M1 – Installation Error Fixed

Apple WWDC 2021 starts today, and as like each year, today Apple released Developer Beta testing of the next major software update of its devices How to Install macOS Monterey (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac’s and Apple Tv).

I try to install macOS 12 on my MacBook Pro, but unfortunately, macOS Monterey beta 1 won’t install. I tried bottom troubleshooting to fix the issue.

How to Install macOS Monterey Beta 1?

  1. Delete installer file and re-download macOS 12 and check it working or not. / Or try to re-enlist the beta program
  2. Reset PRAM/NVRAM
  3. Reboot your MacBook
  4. Clean install macOS Big Sur and then try again.
  5. Clean install macOS On mac is time-consuming but that’s effective if you are following the step in the sequence. First Take Mac Backup in Time Machine, Put your Mac [Intel or M1] in Recovery mode and Reinstall macOS.
  6. And now to try to boot from External drive [Safe boot mode]
  7. Turn Off turn of FileVault or Firewall/VPN, Here’s the full guide on how to Manage & Turn off VPN on Mac. Follow the steps below to quickly turn off Firewall and Start the macOS installation.
    1. Click on the Apple logo from the Mac menu.
    2. Next, Click on System Preferences option > Security & Privacy.
    3. Unlock the window and click on Turn off Firewall.
  8. Restore the firmware on the Apple T2 Security Chip.
  9. Type this command by opening Terminal.

sudo nvram IASUCatalogURL=

Please note: “You may need to enter 2 time if you got the error.”

  • After that, rerun the installer –> It worked.After done upgrading, you should update the NVRAM back:

sudo nvram -d IASUCatalogURL

 11 – Disabling the Gatekeeper on Apple Mac, that helped meFix 10 – with boot USB for a clean installation

 12 – Install macOS 12 via App Store. After I tried (and failed) to install it from App Store, I found that I have a new Application:
/Applications/Install macOS 12

I right-clicked that, clicked “Show Package Contents”, and navigated to Contents -> MacOS and I double-clicked InstallAssistant.

I was able to install it from there

Fix 11– Possible error due to BridgeOS update issue

To resolve issue, I suggest you creating a new partition and re-install Big Sur, So Wipe the entire hard drive and make a clean install of Big Sur (macOS 11).

installing from a boot disk, installing in recovery mode, safe mode, internet recovery mode.

Last Solution– Wait for few days and try Trying the public beta profile download on your Mac

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macOS Monterey beta Install problems reported on Developer Side:

Can’t install macOS Monterey beta on M1 external drive
Tried to download the macOS 12 beta 1 and install to an external SSD drive connected to the Apple M1 chip Mac Mini. The installation continues until restart. The external SSD drive cannot be used to boot up.
SSD is erased and set to:
GUID Partition Map
This strategy has been used in the last few years with Intel MacBook. I wonder if this is a problem with the macOS or M1 machine?

Same here, getting: “An error occurred while setting “MacOS 12” as the startup disk: The operation couldn’t be completed. (SDErrorDomain error 108.)” when trying to boot to an external drive on M1

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