How to Install Custom Fonts on Any Realme Phones

Realme phones come with ColorOS and it is being replaced with Realme UI. But the Realme UI is very much similar to ColorOS. And it comes with Theme support which you can download a lot of themes, fonts, and wallpapers. But most of the fonts and themes are paid in the Realme theme store. So it is a drawback of the theme store which Realme should make contents free on theme store.

The theme store has the option to try themes or fonts but it is trial and stops working after some time. So the only option left is to bypass or use custom fonts. And here you can download various custom fonts that work perfectly on Realme devices.

Download Custom Fonts for Any Realme Phones

After downloading the fonts of your choice you can install it on your Realme device. You can simply install the font apk and apply it from the Theme store.

   Download Custom Fonts for Any Realme Devices


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How to Install Custom Fonts on Any Realme Phones

Method to install custom fonts on their Realme phone and here is the guide. It will also help to apply paid fonts that are available in the theme store for free

  • Copy the downloaded font zip file to your phone storage.
  • Extract the font zip file and there you will find the many font apk files.
  • Install any font apk that you want to apply on your device.
  • After installing the font, open Settings on your phone.
  • In Settings go to the ‘Language & Region’ option.
  • In Region section select Myanmar.
  • ow go to Settings > Additional Settings > Date & Time.
  • Disable the ‘Automatically set Dat & Time’ in the settings.
  • Then go to Settings > Display & Brightness. And enable Support Dai Characters.
  • That’s it now the font will be changed on your Realme phone.

Now you successfully install custom fonts on any Realme devices. This method does not require any Root Access to your Realme Phones. Here is the complete guide on How to install custom fonts on Realme phones.

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