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How to Fix YouTube Videos Not playing On Linux

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Youtube videos do not play. Instead, the following messages appear: “This plugin is vulnerable and should be updated”, “Activate Adobe Flash”, “Check for updates.” Since my version is 14.04LTS, the Adobe Flash Player cannot be installed. What should I do for playing Youtube videos? The browser I use is Firefox. So here is the result How to Fix YouTube Videos Not playing On Linux.

How to Fix YouTube Videos Not playing On Linux

You need to install the licensed codec. You can use the following command or just run Vivaldi on the command line if you use the Vivaldi browser. Head over to the terminal and type “vivaldi” and hit Enter. It will open a new browser window and in the terminal, it will tell you the codecs found.

use this command or directly paste the commend are given below.

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sudo apt update && sudo apt install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra

If the command doesn’t work alternatively down the “.deb” file from. ones download the file double-click on the file install the additional codecs.

YouTube Videos Not playing On FireFox?

if you are using Firefox in Linux and your FireFox won’t able to play random YouTube videos do update to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox for your Linux distro. Firefox supports OpenH.264 which is different from proprietary HEVC 264. Not all H.264 videos play on OpenH264 and there is no workaround to get the H.264 and H.265 working on Firefox.

Facing any issue regarding video codec do let us know in the comments download below.

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