How to fix Photos error code 0x887A0005 Fixed- Windows 11

Microsoft Photos is the most popular and more useable photo viewing app available in the Windows operating system. Some users create videos and export videos with it. it was really slow and glitched a ton. For example, I could only play the video 3/4 of the way before it would stop and go into an infinite loop of waiting. In Windows 11 Microsoft Photos display error 0x887A0005 occurs. In this article, I will help you to get rid of this How to fix Photos error code 0x887A0005 in Windows 11

Basically, it happens after when users complete done their video edit job when clicking the Finis Fideo Button, Photos displays an error message.

Update your drivers to export video… We encountered an issue with your video drivers and are unable to export video… Here’s the error code, in case you need it: 0x887A000.

How can I fix error code 0x887A0005?

The 0x887A0005 error message says the app encountered an issue with video drivers. Thus, updating your PC’s drivers to export video is a likely remedy.

Drivers are essential for your PC and all the programs that you use daily. If you want to avoid crashes, freezes, bugs, lag, or any other problems, you will need to keep them updated.

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Constantly checking for driver updates is time-consuming. Fortunately, you can use an automated solution that will safely check for new updates and apply them with ease, and that’s why we strongly recommend DriverFix.Follow these easy steps to safely update your drivers:

1. This is the job you need to be done

  • Download and install DriverFix.
  • Launch the application.
  • Wait for DriverFix to detect all your faulty drivers.
  • The software will now show you all the drivers that have issues, and you just need to select the ones you’d liked fixed.
  • Wait for DriverFix to download and install the newest drivers.
  • Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

2. Run the Microsoft troubleshooter App

  1. First, open the Start menu.
  2. Click Settings in your Start menu to open that app.
  3. Next, click Update & Security > Troubleshoot to open the options shown directly below.
  4. Then click Additional troubleshooters to open the list of Windows 10 troubleshooters.
  5. Select Windows Store Apps in the list, and click the Run the troubleshooter button.
  6. When you’ve gone through the troubleshooter, restart your PC.

3. Reset Photos

  1. Bring up the search tool in Windows 10 by clicking the magnifying glass taskbar button.
  2. Type the keyword apps in the search utility.
  3. Click Apps & features in the search tool’s results to open the window shown below.
  4. Select the Microsoft Photos app.
  5. Then click Advanced options to open the Reset button.
  6. Press the Reset button there.
  7. Click Reset again on the confirmation prompt that appears.
  8. Note that you can also press a Repair button there. If resetting Microsoft Photos doesn’t do the trick, try clicking the Repair option as well.

Reinstall Photos

  1. Open the search box by clicking its taskbar button.
  2. To find the Command Prompt, input cmd in the search utility.
  3. Open an elevated Command Prompt by clicking its Run as administrator option on the right side of Windows 10’s search tool.
  4. Next, type this text into the Command Prompt:
  5. get-appxpackage *Microsoft.Windows.Photos* | remove-appxpackagePhotos Error Code 0x887A0005
  6. Press the Return key to uninstall Photos with the entered command.
  7. Restart your laptop or desktop after uninstalling Photos.
  8. Open the Microsoft Photos app page in your browser.
  9. Click the Get button on the Photos app page.
  10. Press the Get button in MS Store to install Photos.

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