How to Enable Camera 2 API in Any Android phone 2021

In Modern days, the camera plays a very important role in our regular smartphone uses. We all use cameras and most of us use smartphone cameras so there we have lots of camera applications with various functionalities. But the most popular and useful camera application is Google Camera also known as GCam and here I am going to share the complete information about this app and I am also gonna explain that why Google Camera APK is the best camera app for android users.

What is Camera2 API?

If you are familiar with Google camera then probably you are also familiar with Camera2 API or actually Camera API2. But this article is for the people who don’t know what the Camera2 API is, how to verify if an Android phone supports it, if not then how to enable Camera2 API to run Google Camera (GCam).

How to Enable Camera 2 API

If a phone is launched with Android Oreo or later, most likely it will have Camera2 API enabled by default. In case you still want to verify, follow the below instructions!
  1. Install the Manual Camera Compatibility app from the play store.
  2. Open the app and click on the start button to start the Camera2 API test.
  3. The app will show you the camera2 API support, once the test is completed.

Download Manual camera and Compatibility Apk

Download Apks

How to Enable Camera2 API?

Once you click on the start button then it will take few seconds to generate the compatibility report. If all the ticks are green then you can use google camera apk.

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