How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac and Windows

Apple started a new image format HEIC with ios 11. The HEIC works best in the mac os. It is a file format for individual images and image sequences. macOS even auto-converts photos to the JPG format when sharing them with native apps such as Mail and Notes. otherwise, the images saved all the time in HEIC format. If you want to do it by yourself then you are at the right place to know How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac and Windows.

What is HEIC and what is its use?

A HEIC file contains one or more images saved in the High-Efficiency Image Format. It is a file format commonly used to store photos on mobile devices. It may contain a single image or a sequence of images along with metadata that describes each image.

what is its use?

It is the use of a popular storage format for digital photos because it allows images to be created with a smaller file size while maintaining or improving image quality over JPEG.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac?

It is quite easy to convert HEIC to JPEG when you are previewing the images on Mac OS, It took few steps guidance are given below.

  • Just locate the file HEIC file you want to convert in JPG.
  • When you locate the file Double click on the file this file will open preview program.
  • Once previewing click file> Export.
  • Now you will see the Export options.
  • At the bottom of the Export tab, you see the extension HEIC change the extension to JPG and save the file.

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How to Convert HEIC To JPG Using Squoosh

You can also convert HEIC images to JPG using Squoosh browser, Here is the guide how you can conver HEIC to JPG.

  • On your browser go to this url.
  • Find the HEIC file which you want to convert to JPg, Just Drag and drop it into Squoosh web page.
  • you will see the HEIC images loading into Squoosh app.
  • the image is set to use MozJPEG for its file compression. This will automatically convert your image to JPG upon export.
  • save your HEIC image as a JPG file, adjust the Quality slider as required and then click the download arrow on the lower left side.
  • Save your JPG image to your device

Here is the easiest way to do the convert HEIC extension images to JPG image. Hope this process help to get JPG images from Apple HEIC extension images.

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