How to Click Night Mode Photos on Iphone X XR XS

Apple iPhone always focus on its camera quality iPhone post-processing is super, iPhone video quality, Portraits shot is amazing. It is absolutely worth it to buy an iPhone if you love mobile photography or want to click amazing videos through your mobile. But the most and saddest part of using iPhone on night-time mind it I am talking about older iPhones. The iPhone series has the option night mode but it is average. Even today budget smartphones can capture night photographs much than double or Tripple times overpriced iPhone. So what to How to Click Night Mode Photos on Older iPhones X, XR, XS. Ok, ill help you to click amazing night photographs.

How to Click Night Mode Photos on Older iPhones

Before we start the process I wanna tell you how a smartphone clicks amazing bright sharp photographs in a very dark situation.

The majority of the android smartphones camera apps and camera hardware support manual controlling of shutter speed and iso. But iPhone devices user cannot control it manually, there is one mode night mode but the shutter speed is lesser. If you open your phone camera shutter in a large number of time then it helps you to get an amazing bright shot (like 5 secs, 10sec, etc) it depends on the subject. if you want to click start then you should use a large time. it is the basic concept to click night photography.

How NeuralCam- Night Mode Camera works?

The app first takes multiple frames and then takes advantage of image processing algorithms. you need to hold your iPhone steadily for about 4-5 seconds. When the image has been captured, the camera app requires a few more seconds to process the frames and offer up the output image.

But one thing we should keep in mind the app is not free this app cost $4.99 but it is absolutely worth if you have interest in clicking photos in low light

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Night photography through iPhone

In AppStore, there is an application called NeuralCam- Night Mode Camera

  • Open APP Store and search NeuralCam- Night Mode Camera, You can also download from here. Image source:
  • Launch the camera application on your iPhone and click what you want. But do make sure you hold your phone steady or use a tripod. If your phone shakes then your image not clear and sharp. This camera application can support the front camera for taking long-exposure selfies.

Sample images source

Is NeuralCam- Night Mode Camera works on older iPhone device:

Yes, this application also works older iPhones like iPhone 7/ 7 plus & iPhone 8/ 8 plus. the app doesn’t offer the same result because after clicking the images it process through image processor and image processor depend on the main processor.


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