How to Add Custom Glyphs on iPhone and iPad

Apple offering glyphs shortcuts by default, so what glyphs are? the glyph is “the specific shape, design, or representation of a character”. It is a particular graphical representation, in a particular typeface, of an element of written language, which could be a grapheme or part of a grapheme, or sometimes several graphemes in combination so How to Add Custom Glyphs on iPhone and iPad?

How to Add Custom Glyphs on iPhone and iPad

Some professionals sell beautiful glyphs icon but we are telling How to Add Custom Glyphs on iPhone and iPad by your safari browser and search the type of icons you want to get. Once you have found a better one, touch and hold the icon. Then, choose the “Add to Photos” option to save the icon in your photo library. let’s jump to the main topic. we guiding you step by step.

  1. Just Launch the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and iPad.
  2. Jump to Shortcut which icon you like to change then tap on the three dots. then tap three horizontal dots at the top right on the screen, then choose “Add to Home Screen”
  3. Next tao on the glyph now menu will pop up from the bottom of the screen with multiple options.capture photo using your device camera then use the shortcut icon. then select the glyph you have saved in your camera roll. later select the glyph saved in the files app.
  4. next, you will need to choose the custom glyph you downloaded earlier. Finally, Tap on Add at the top right corner and you are ready to go

By this process you can make your favorite shortcut look more personalized and elegant.


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