Google adding Advanced Protection for Nest devices

Google is adding its Advanced Protection Program to Nest devices, the company announced in a blog post-Monday, giving added security to its smart home devices. Previously, a user could use their Google account for either the Advanced Protection Program or for Nest, but now they can use both with the same Google account at the same time.

“Since we launched, one of our goals has been to bring Advanced Protection’s features to other Google products,” Shuvo Chatterjee, product manager for Advanced Protection Program, wrote in a blog post. “We want as many users as possible to benefit from the additional levels of security that the Program provides.”

As you might imagine, Google doesn’t want to take chances. It “strongly recommend[s]” that everyone in a given home sign up for Advanced Protection since intruders could theoretically get in through family accounts linked to the same device. If you can manage that, though, you won’t have to rule out whole categories of connected tech just to maintain strict security.

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