Download Windows 11 Sounds and Audio Files

Microsoft is set to launch the most awaited Windows 11 OS in an upcoming MS event held on June 24, 2021, by Windows 11 copy has been launched by an unknown guy. Most people will change their wallpaper or screensaver, but let’s take it one step further by altering the sound. While we wait for the next-gen operating system, we already have the leaked Windows 11 ISO and Windows 11 wallpapers available for you. In addition to this, here is the brand’s new Windows 11. Download Windows 11 Sounds and Audio Files.

Download Windows 11 Sounds & Audio FIles

As we already have the ISO file, here are the extracted Windows 11 sounds, audio files, notification sounds, alarm sounds, ringtones, and more for download. You will find a little less than 100 sound files in the download section below. So download and install all the Windows 11 sound files below. Also, preview the Windows 11 sounds in the following video before you head over to the download section.

Download Windows 11 Sounds [Total 100]

Here are all the Windows 11 sounds, alarm tones, notification tones, and system and UI sounds available for download. In the zip file below, you will find just shy of 100 audio files. Simply extract the theme and access all sounds.

Top Resources for Windows Sound Downloads

Now you know how to customize your sound schemes, it’s just a case of picking out those perfect audio files. If you don’t have any suitable choices, take a gander at the list below for some free resources.

It’s important to note that you can only use .wav files for your audio files. If you’re using your own clips, rather than those from the specialized sites below, it’s likely they’ll be in .mp3 format or similar. Don’t fear, it’s not a problem—you’ll just need to convert your audio files before Windows will let them be used. Happily, you can use a handy free and online tool called to convert your files.

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