Download Windows 11 Pantone Wallpapers 2022

Windows 11 came with brand new wallpapers listed in our previous post. Today, Microsoft released new Windows 11 Pantone wallpapers with unique color combinations. Get them in high resolution here without needing to download the Pantone app from the Windows Store.

Windows 11 Pantone Wallpapers

Microsoft design team announced a new Pantone color for the year 2022. It has a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a violet-red undertone. Here is what Microsoft has to say.

Download Windows 11 Pantone Wallpapers

Here are the latest Windows 11 wallpapers in Pantone Color. Each is a unique wallpaper coming in Pantone Dark, Fresh Green, Pantone Light, and Pink colors. These add up to the original 38 new wallpapers from the new operating system.

Download a total of 4 Windows 11 Pantone Wallpapers in 4K Resolution!

Windows 11 Details

Let’s first talk about Windows 10 which was released in 2015. During the Windows 10 launch, Microsoft mentioned that this will be the last Windows update. And they will keep improving Windows 10 with regular updates. And since then, all Windows 10 users are using the same layout without any big change in all these years. It is obvious that users are bored of using the same Windows for a long time. Apple and Google are also improving their OS every year and so in this race Windows is getting behind.

As per leaks and rumors, it looks like Microsoft finally heard what fans are wanting for years. And so, they are all set to bring a new major update designated Windows 11. Well, it’s only the rumor as of now, but getting these leaks from verified sources, we can expect all leaks to be true. Windows 11 will be a big update in years and surely boost the confidence of Windows users.

Concluding all the leaks, we can expect Windows 11 to come with major UI changes. Windows 11 will come with round corners for all tabs, a new interface for Windows startup, widgets, new wallpapers, improved animations, different Windows setups, a new start menu, new Windows and Start icon, and tons of other changes. Since Microsoft has not officially said anything about Windows 11, we are still not sure if this will be true. As you know Windows 11 comes with new Wallpapers, you will get those wallpaper here.

Windows 11 Wallpapers Download leaked Online

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