Download Doctor Strange Mod for Minecraft PE

The Multiverse is a concept that we know very little about.”  Check out the new sneak peek of Doctor Strange in Marvel Studios’ Multiverse of Madness, Minecraft Addon Created by EL SANDO. Now you can play this addon in your Minecraft world download IT NOW. Download Doctor Strange Mod for Minecraft PE.

Download Doctor Strange Mod for MCPE

Download Doctor Strange Mod for MCPE

The heroes of the Marvel multi-universe are becoming very popular in the Minecraft PE gaming space. Here each player can try on the role of Captain America, or Spider-Man, and even try himself as their opponent. With a Doctor Strange Mod, you will be able to learn how to manage time, build portals and fight the main villains. The only thing is not to forget to activate the experimental game mode.

Doctor Strange

This Doctor Strange Mod adds a friend of all the superheroes from the Marvel Chronicles. His superpower allows Steve to manage time. He can also fly, create portals and travel through time.

With this addon, a guide appears in the game menu. After studying it a Minecraft PE player will be able to learn the mechanics fully and learn how to control a new character properly. Also, a thematic soundtrack appears in the game.


In the interface, the Minecraft PE player will find a short reference of all spells.
There are only four of them:

  • The Time Stone can slow down hostile mobs;
  • The strike of the ancient summons lightning gives the player a high attack speed;
  • The shield spell grants immunity from damage that a nearby source can inflict;
  • The air spell gives the player the ability to fly.

Portals can be used by several players at the same time. Thanks to this item, players can move around in the game space.

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