Does Dark Mode Save Battery on IPS Lcd

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The system-wide dark mode is super hype features on present android phones, This feature is globally officially launched at the launch event of Android 10. How to Save Battery on IPS Lcd

Benefits of Dark Mode

  • The main benefit of using the dark mode is Saving Battery life of your smartphones, but it is possible when you have any type of LED display like AMOLED, Super AMOLED, OLED. Google confirmed that using dark mode on OLED display is a huge advantage for battery life. but it won’t work on any LCD display.
  • Using Dark mode on mobile looks super amazing. While most products are going for that similar bland white look.

When you should use dark mode or not

There is always dedicated time for using dark mode for Example when you are using your device in direct sunlight, text positioned on dark backgrounds can be difficult to read. and if you are using your mobile in a lit room then you can use dark mode so that you will not harm your eyes. let’s jump to the main point.

Is dark mode save battery life in LCD display phones

If you have an AMOLED Screen then the obvious answer is yes because A dark theme can save your bit of battery because AMOLED screen lights up individual pixels rather than lighting up the whole screen with a backlight. The AMOLED display any light up those pixels which are needed for displaying content except the black color.

For example if you have and AMOLED display and set a Black & White wallpaper (Not monochrome) in this case the white color pixel obviously turn on and also black pixel are turn on but no lights is used in this case. so this is sure that AMOLED saves the battery life.

but what is actually happens in the case of using an LCD panel? some say it won’t save the battery life some say it works.

If it won’t work then why?

So in case of LCD display, they are not individual pixel so when your phone turn on then all the pixel was power by background light, that’s why all the pixel turns on and no matter what color they produce so not an LCD panel actually save the battery life.

If it save the battery life then why?

although the saving is not drastic yes in comparison to a bright white wallpaper a black wallpaper or something with darker complexion will definitely make a difference. Because the intensity of black is much less than the white, The high-intensity took more power and low intensity take less battery power so there is some difference if we take the logic of science but in LCD there are a minimum so we don’t get difference.


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